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The Lonely Assassin

Dmitri Volkov embezzles millions laundering money in Switzerland for Russian oligarchs. He flees with his Italian wife to a remote location near Milan where their daughter lives. 

Putin wants him dead. He sends an experienced GRU assassin to Milan to find and poison Volkov.

But Milan’s DIGOS cannot locate the assassin who is traveling with phony documents, carrying a vial of toxic poison, and speaking Italian. Unexpectedly, he meets an intriguing Italian woman who probes into his emotional life. On a dangerous assignment, he realizes he’s an assassin in a deep personal crisis. 

Review Excerpts

I'm Italian, and I must say that Erickson's view of my country and my fellow citizens is not so stereotypical as it appears in other books about Italy written by a foreign writer. His understanding of our political and economic situation is very deep, his knowledge about food and drinks is amazing, and the characters in the story are powerful and realistic. In this difficult moment for Italy, there's a bit of Fabio in every Italian.

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