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The Lonely Assassin
Lonely Assassin - Final eBook Cover.jpg

Dmitri Volkov embezzles millions laundering money in Switzerland for Russian oligarchs. He flees with his Italian wife to a remote location near Milan where their daughter lives.

Putin wants him dead. He sends an experienced GRU assassin to Milan to find and poison Volkov.

But Milan’s DIGOS cannot locate the assassin who is traveling with phony documents, carrying a vial of toxic poison, and speaking Italian. Unexpectedly, he meets an intriguing Italian woman who probes into his emotional life. On a dangerous assignment, he realizes he’s an assassin in a deep personal crisis. 

Vesuvius Nights

Antonella Amoruso, senior deputy of Milan's anti-terrorism police, receives a call to return to her Naples hometown for the funeral of a family member murdered in a Camorra clan feud.

Amoruso is plunged into the dangerous culture of Camorra, Naple's violent criminal syndicate, that thrives on illegal drugs, prostitution, extortion, and murder. Her goal is to rescue her family from Camorra's deadly grip.

No One Sleeps

Milan's elite anti-terrorism DIGOS police receive a tip that a sleeper cell of Muslim terrorists have received toxic chemicals from Pakistan to make deadly sarin gas.


The terrorist leader has access to Milan's centers of finance, technology, commerce, and entertainment -- all high profile targets with potentially hundreds of casualties in a terrorist attack.

Thirteen Days in Milan

Sylvia de Matteo, an American single mother, is taken hostage by terrorists during a political assassination at Stazione Centrale, Milan’s train station. 

Sylvia is seized at gunpoint, thrown in a van, blindfolded, and driven to a warehouse where she is imprisoned in a cell.

When terrorists discover Sylvia's father is a wealthy Wall Street investment banker, they demand a ransom for her release.

Rex Royale

When the decomposed body of Rex Royale, a charismatic Las Vegas casino mogul, is recovered from a northern California lake, a San Francisco reporter and local writer investigate.

Tyler and  Hannah spend the summer investigating Royale's murder.  They begin a romantic relationship at the same time they learn about the community’s dark secrets -- missing women, arsons, police corruption, and rogue backwoodsmen living in a remote hunting lodge.

At the end of summer, Hannah uncovers a clue that link's Royale's murder to a serial killer -- one of the community's leaders.

Bloody Mary Confession

Max and Amanda are America's dream couple. Max is a star infielder with the Boston Red Sox, Amanda is a Hollywood actress. But the stress of traveling and living apart strain their marriage.  They divorce and start new lives.

Years later, a suspicious death reunites Max and Amanda at Amanda's California beachside home.  They reminisce over candlelight dinners, go to Hollywood parties, and tour local wineries.  

A spark of romance rekindles their relationship.  Sipping drinks one morning by Amanda's pool -- one of them makes a Bloody Mary Confession.

A Streak Across the Sky

Dane and BJ witness a double meteor streak across the sky the night they begin a summer love affair. They agree to meet the next summer with one condition -- no contact over the winter. One harbors a dark secret.  


They renew their affair the next summer and vow to meet the third summer and never part. But the condition remains -- no contact over the winter.

The third summer arrives . . . .

Mornings Without Zoe

Zoe abandons her husband during a romantic Valentine’s weekend in Monterey.  This is not the first time she has run away from a lover or husband.

Zoe has a compulsion to flee men who love her and adopt a new identity. She starts a new life in Hollywood's fast lane with new lovers and an exciting career in the movie industry.

But the memory of a personal crisis shatters Zoe; she's determined to resolve a childhood trauma.

What makes Zoe run?

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